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Bread of Life Community Kitchen Inc. of Pratt, Kansas


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Our primary purpose? We are so glad you asked! The Bread of Life Community Kitchen, Inc. of Pratt, Kansas (BOLCKINC) is a non-profit organization who wants to feed hungry tummies. 

At Bread of life Community kitchen Inc. we know of the many nutritional deficiencies that are in our area. Children in our area are hungry along with our elderly and shut-ins. In late spring of 2013 a new program was introduced by Pratt High School. They fed, for free, on the average per day, 150 children. If 150 were there eating, there were probably, at least half that many unable to get there to eat. When this program ended six weeks later, where did these children get this meal? Possibly the only meal for that day. Praises and Blessings to those who made the program a success! There are elderly and shut-ins who are unable to leave there homes to obtain necessities to survive. We want to help these individuals and assure them that we will be there, that their needs will be met. Many families and individuals in our community go without basic needs such as proper food, shelter and essential medical care. We are all susceptible to hard times, but it is the children and elderly who are at risk the most. Our goal is to make people aware that this organization will have a program or programs to help them in their time of need. These programs could include job training, attaining a diploma, elderly assistance, temporary housing and most certainly being fed. 

   We are maintaining an emergency food resource to help off set hunger for the children and elderly while assessing ways to repair the problem that has caused this need. This includes the under privileged, underemployed, and others that we serve in Pratt and the surrounding area,

    Filling hungry tummies is is our primary purpose, Our purpose includes serving the people of our area with the love and spirit that Jesus serves the church. 

Please read on, we have pages explaining our goals in more detail. We also have information on other resources available in our community. Visit our upcoming events page to find how you can share helping others. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Homeless and hungry people do not look, smell, act, talk or even walk differently. You might be setting next to a person in church who has no power or is being evicted or is living in their car. Maybe they haven’t eaten in days.

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